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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm so sad that this series ended!!! The beginning of the series was really good. As it goes on, it got better and very interesting. To me, I think this series can beat BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE. What do you guys think? 
I really like KENNETH MA and FALA CHEN as a couple. They are really cute together. I wish they had some more scenes together though. Its funny how KENNETH and FALA didn't like each other at first, they were like enemies but later on, as they got to know each other more and stuff, they got along and fell for each other. It's just like MOSES and CHARMAINE. They hated each other at first, in the very beginning of episode one. As they got to know each other, spent time together, they started to fall in love and realized some good things about each other. 

It's really cute seeing MOSES still love CHARMAINE even though she's in jail. He doesn't care if she's not a princess or a convict's daughter, he LOVES her. He didn't abandoned her or anything. He tried to find ways to rescue CHARMAINE.  
Although MOSES doesn't have any talents beside good at divination, CHARMAINE doesn't care. In fact she finds him really talented. 
People may look at you like an ordinary person but the person who KNOWS you finds you extraordinary. 
I hope I will find a guy like MOSES. Love me for who I am, not what I am. I'm afraid I won't be able to though :( lol
I bet  you guys can name all the CONS about MOSES and so can CHARMAINE, but she's the only one who can name all the PROS about MOSES. 

For instance, you guys like someone right? Your friend asks you what do you see in her/him or why do you like her/him. One, you either say I don't know or two, you tell them what you like about him/her. Your friend might not understand or see what you see in that person. 

If my friend asks me that, I would be speechless because I don't know what I see in him cause it would be hard to explain. I just see HIM in a different way than others. Others may think he's ugly but to me, he's kinda cute. 
I have no idea what happened. I watched this in Chinese and I'm not Chinese. I was just watching the video. Couldn't understand anything. All I know is CHARMAINE and LINDA were locked in this room with rats and stuff. I'm not sure who did it though but finally they found CHARMAINE and LINDA. 

YAY!!!! It's a happy ending! Toward the end, CHARMAINE announced she was pregnant. Even though I couldn't understand what they were saying, I'm pretty sure she's pregnant. 
I enjoyed watching MOSES and CHARMAINE as a couple, FALA and KENNETH, but not RAYMOND and LINDA. They didn't really have a lot going on. 
Overall I would recommend people to watch this series. It's interesting, funny, and just fun to watch.

I don't recommend GROWING THROUGH LIFE. I don't think that series is GOOD. I watched the first episode, it was boring and not interesting. The plot wasn't good and made BOSCO a bad person! BOOOOO!!!! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Currently I'm watching this series called "CAN'T BUY ME LOVE." I won't be covering EACH episode like how I did with BEAUTY KNOWS NO PAIN or WHEN LANES MERGE. The reason why I won't be able to cover EACH episode for CAN'T BUY ME LOVE because when I do reviews on each episode, I download each episode and I take pictures of the episode. The problem is right now I only have 2GB left on my computer. I can't have any more files on my computer. I am saving up to buy a 320GB hard drive but it might take a while. Hopefully I will get it on BLACK FRIDAY so I can get back on track with doing reviews on each episode!


The KAM's family is irritating me. They think they're all that and stuff. I feel sorry for CHARMAINE SHEH, gotta deal with them. No wonder LINDA betrayed KAM's family and took side with CHARMAINE. Beside the KAM's family, I love this series. When you watch this series, it will remind you of "BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE." The costume/clothes they wear, the setting and the people is pretty much the same. Comment down below what you think about this series. 


I'm fine with Louis Yuen's character in this drama. Some reason I kept thinking he's those people who want to take over the family business but turned out his wife, Selena Li wants him to. She's a semi-villian in this drama. MOSES CHAN, he thinks he's all that but he is brave for standing up for the PRINCES and dare to put the KING on dock! Although MOSES doesn't have any talent except good at divination, he's brave and he's better than RAYMOND WONG. I don't like RAYMOND's character in this series. He's like a stuck up lil punk haha. You guys will understand why I think that. RAYMOND is good at business though and his ideas helped the KAM's business grow. 


Throughout the series, I always look forward watching MOSES and CHARMAINE together. In the beginning they are enemies, they hate each other but as time past by, they spent time together, things started to change. They both started noticing each other's good side and stuff. 


SORRRRY!!! I've been busy over the summer and didn't have time to do any reviews on TVB dramas. I just started school and I need some adjustments in my schedule. I will get back with my reviews on each episode ASAP! Hopefully beginning of October.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


episode 7- i feel sorry for JOYCE. MICHELLE and MAGGIE had a fight and they were kind of making JOYCE choose a side. haha in the end, JOYCE listened to MICHELLE since she's her boss. 

wow. im surprised JOE knows MAGGIE and MICHELLE are acting like they got in a fight and hate each other. i thought MAGGIE and MICHELLE got in a fight too but turned out to be an act! JOE really knows MAGGIE well. 

so JOYCE now knows POWER isn't a unfilial grandson. he actually cares a lot about his grandma. now, not that many grandsons are like POWER. i hope my grandson will take care of me like him hehe 
MAGGIE found out YEDA(JOE'S wife) has an affair with someone. she overheard YEDA saying "we have no future. nick really loves me, i wont betray him, get it? i know you love me. im very confused, dont pressure me" over the phone. 
MAGGIE tried to give hints to JOE that he should spend more time with YEDA or else she might go for that other person. im glad she didnt tell JOE about YEDA. well if MAGGIE treated JOE as her really good friend, i think she should have told him but if i were her, i wouldnt tell JOE anything. 
HAHAHAH! it was funny how POWER'S grandma thought JOYCE'S boobs were fake! she wanted to take a peek at it! haha. 

i understand how JOYCE feels. although she has big boobs, she's not really happy with it because her looks isn't all that great. she rather have no big boobs and okay looking face, just plain. so girls, would you rather have a pretty face but no boobs? or big boobs with a not so good looking face? nowadays guys be looking for a girlfriend that has big boobs and nice ass haha. guys nowadays mostly cares about appearance. as long the girl has boobs and an ass, thats all it matters.
hahaha so AUNTIE ANGELA found out MAGGIE and MICHELLE were just acting! she was so frustrated!!! some reason i felt so good watching this scene lol. it was funny too cause MAGGIE was all chilllllll. 
i wish i have a friend like JOYCE! she's such a good/nice friend! when she heard there was an arguement between MICHELLE, MAGGIE, and AUNTIE ANGELA, she ran to the company bare footed!! haha. 
so thats the mess JOYCE got in to. she tried to do a good deed by stopping the war between MICHELLE, MAGGIE, and AUNTIE ANGELA but thats what she ended up to. poor girl :(